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I wanted to say a few things about myself and how I got into showing and raising Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese.

It all started in 1986 when I bought a smooth coat Chihuahua female named “Jobarbs Perky Playful Pudge” for my mother as a pet but the breeder said I could buy her IF I showed and finished her to her AKC championship title.

Well I had absolutely no idea of what I was getting into, I thought to myself “How difficult could that be?” So after showing her and getting all of her points needed I was hooked big time into the world of dogs and shows.

I then went on to showing a female Yorkshire Terrier named “Thumbelina” I did not realize at the time she did not have the show qualities needed to be a champion she was a pet but I adored her in spite of it she really did not like it when I learned to wrap coats on her.

I then started to show a Maltese Named “Cajun”. He was the one that I experimented with my grooming technique and tricks of the trade as they say. He would always look at me like “Hello are we done yet?”.

Once I decided to start breeding I first had to learn all the different breed specific characteristics and what important structure and attitude is needed to be a good show dog and that is something that is really obtained by experience and time. It is very important to breed carefully and not to bring in inherited genetic problems. Every breed can be predisposed to carry genetic problems and there is no breed or line free of problems.

Through the years I have watched, asked and learned from my friends and fellow fanciers.
They have always been so generous and true friends by being there when I ask questions or needed help. Hopefully I will reach a point in my breeding program with the Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers that I will have the lines and looks that I want.

The sport of purebred dogs is not limited to showing and breeding, there are so many ways that Dogs can bring happiness to your life whether it is showing, breeding, companion dogs, service animals, or obedience. Dogs have so much to give and ask so little in return. I will always remember that “Dog” spelled backwards say “God” he IS man’s best friend so be kind to them.

If I can be a small part of bringing happiness to a person wanting a beautiful pet and knowing that I stand behind my dogs and my breeding program 100 %, then I have accomplished what I set out to do. I sincerely hope, one day I look back and say to myself Wow what a great journey that was and thank God for all of my blessing and friends you all know who you are.


Thank you for Spending the time and reading about my love of Dogs,

Cynthia Landry

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